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EGP eCHECKs: The Security of a Check - The Speed of an eMail

Introducing EGP eChecks

Powered by VerifyValid™ the latest innovation in payments comes from a leader in the check industry. EGP eChecks are paperless checks that feature cutting-edge technology and an online payment solution that works for everyone. Everyone Gets Paid. Discover this smart addition to your traditional paper checks. more information - eCheck questions

echecks pro benefits

Create a check and send it in just a few keystrokes from a computer, smart phone or tablet from home, from work or anywhere in between. Create any number of eChecks in just a few mouse clicks and deliver them in seconds rather than days. With proprietary technology, EGP eChecks can be easily verified to reduce the risk of fraud. You may always need paper checks, but adding EGP electronic check services can save you up to $1 per check by reducing postage, envelopes and processing costs.

No strings attached. Just give eChecks a try and we're sure you will agree they make a great addition to your current bill pay methods

Payees are not required to enroll to receive an EGP eCheck, so you can send electronic check payments to anyone. No other online payment solution offers that convenience. Notifications of eCheck payments arrive in your email with a link to retrieve the eCheck from our secure website. Once there, you will have the option to sign up for an account or "continue as a guest" and print your check. It saves time and money.

Sending Checks Is not a New Process
but with EGP eChecks, It Just Got an Upgrade