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Using EGP eChecks is fast and easy - From Start to Finish

Getting Started: Signing up, adding checking accounts and managing other users
Signing up for an account is free and takes just a few minutes. Once you have created an account, the next step is to add a checking account so you can send and receive checks. Our Separation of Controls feature allows you to add other users with specific authorizations that you as the owner of the account can choose.

Sending eChecks: Send a single check, send multiple checks, even batch load check runs from accounting software
With EGP eChecks, sending a single check or creating and sending multiple checks is fast, easy and secure. If you use accounting software, it's easy to create and send batch check runs. Simply export a .CSV file from your accounting software, upload it to the EGP eChecks powered by VerifyValid service and with just a few clicks you can deliver any number of checks in just seconds

Receiving eCheck: Receive checks in one convenient location with a free virtual Lockbox
Receiving and depositing an eCheck is also easy and safe, even without ordering a EGP eCheck package. If you have an account, your free Lockbox is the best way to manage the checks you receive. Plus, if you bank with one of VerifyValid's partnering financial institutions, you will be able to deposit checks directly into your checking account. Our Exporting Remittance feature makes uploading check information into your accounting software easy and efficient.

QuickBooks Integration: Integrating with Your Quickbooks Software
The eChecks Add-on for QuickBooks is a great tool for business owners to send checks digitally from their accounting software. You select checks that you want to issue and the add-on uploads them to your EGP eChecks powered by VerifyValid account for fast and seamless online delivery. No new hardware is required and the setup process is easy.

Sending Checks Is not a New Process
but with EGP eChecks, It Just Got an Upgrade

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