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Cash Disbursement Journal

Accounting Journals and One-Write Bookkeeping System Journal Sheets

Someone said that you need a cash disbursement journal.
OK -> What is a cash disbursement journal?

A journal is a formal and chronological record of financial transactions before their values are accounted in a general ledger as debits and credits. If daybooks are not kept, the journals are books of original entry, where the transactions are first recorded, and are often considered synonymous with daybooks. Special journals include: sales, purchases, cash receipts, cash disbursements, and payroll. A general journal is a record of the entries not included in other journals.

Individual, small business and family bookkeeping involves keeping track of income and expenses in a cash account record, checking account register, or savings account passbook. Individuals who borrow or lend money may also use a journal to track how much they owe to others or are owed from others to them.

Bookkeeping may be performed using paper and a pen or pencil or using computer software

An accounting journal is the primary bookkeeping record in single-entry bookkeeping system and is often reffered to as the cash book, which is similar to a checking account register but allocates the income and expenses to various income and expense accounts. Separate account records are maintained for petty cash, accounts payable and receivable, and other relevant transactions such as inventory and travel expenses.

Simple bookkeeping for individuals, small business and families involves recording income, expenses and current balance in a cash record book or a checking account register.

A daybook is a descriptive and chronological record of day-to-day financial transactions or a book of original entry rarely kept as entries are now contained in original documents such as invoices and supporting documents. Daybook's details must be entered formally into journals to enable posting to ledgers. Daybooks include:

  • Sales daybook of the sales invoices
  • Sales credits daybook of the sales credit notes
  • Purchases daybook of the purchase invoices
  • Cash daybook, usually known as cash book, of cash received and paid out
It may be split into two daybooks: receipts daybook of cash received, and payments daybook of cash paid out.

A petty cash book is a record of small value purchases usually controlled by a bookkeeping system.

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Accounting Journals and One-Write Bookkeeping System Journal Sheets

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